Tumar Crafts is an online boutique that aims to offer every family, child and friend unique handmade products of the highest quality that are natural and beautiful, while preserving and celebrating cultural heritage. All products sold by Tumar Crafts are handmade by local artisans in Central Asia. Key to this brand is quality craftsmanship, natural materials and socially responsible practices. All products are handmade from start to finish. In Central Asia, we are helping to support the local economy and independent artists.

The owner of Tumar Crafts, Mindy Isenstein Kososki, started the company after embarking on the adventure of a lifetime in spring 2012! She left her successful finance career in New York City, family and friends, as well as pretty much anything familiar to start a life with her husband and Labrador Retriever in Central Asia.

While living in Central Asia, Mindy discovered and instantly fell in love with Tumar crafts and began gifting their products to friends and family in the United States. In establishing Tumar Crafts Mindy’s goal is simple: to share unique, handmade and natural crafts from this part of the world with others in North America, and she firmly believes that the originality and quality of Tumar far exceeds other competing products. Mindy, together with the local artists, has designed new and exciting products for the western market, while staying true to the materials and techniques of the local people.

Tumar, a family-owned business that is a collection of artisans, makes these extraordinary handmade goods. They reimagine traditional materials and techniques into modern designs. Today, there are more than 200 artists who combine different techniques and styles, as well as natural materials, mostly felt, to make a variety of extraordinary handmade goods. Tumar was originally founded in 1998 and the opening of Tumar Crafts established Tumar's North American branch in 2013.